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 From this page expatriates will be able to access all the various subjects covered within the "Living in the UK" section of Expats Plaza:
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Brief Description 
Information of a general nature about the United Kingdom (temperature, population, etc.) 
Tips for expatriates on how to organise your relocation and move to the UK 
Data on the typical costs of living in the UK (food, rent, electricity, gas, etc.) 
If you have children, the UK Government in many cases will pay expatriates child benefits (regardless of their income). Here expatriates will find the details on how to claim this. 
Tips for expatriates about finding a place to rent in the UK or buying a place in the UK. Serviced apartments, executive apartments and city apartments are also covered in this section. 
How expatriates can register with Local Authorities. This is necessary for local tax purposes and local elections.
The school system available in the UK explained. International Schools, American Schools, Independent Schools, State Schools, etc. 
A description of the UK healthcare system. NHS, Private Healthcare, Dentists, etc.  
An overview on working in the UK. Searching for jobs in the UK and immigration rules. 
A description of the most common rules affecting the taxation of those expatriates that are non resident and non domiciled individuals. 
An overview of banking options available to expatriates in the UK. Online banking is widely available across banks in the UK and expatriates will be able to view what is on offer very easily. 
An overview of the most common issues that expatriates might face with foreign exchange. 
An overview of the UK pension system. 
An overview of the insurance cover expatriates are likely to need while in the UK. Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Pet Insurance, etc. 
How to move around while in the UK. Underground, Trains, Bus, Taxi, Car, etc.).
Driving in the UK. We all know you drive on the left hand side in the UK. Here we explain to expatriates what you need to do to exchange your driving licence and import your car into the UK. 
An overview of the most common utilities (gas, electricity, phone, water, internet, satellite TV, etc.).
A full list of embassies and consular offices in the UK. 
Are you planning to take your pet with you to the UK ? Here you will find some guidance. 
How to get married ? Information on what expatriates will need to do if they wish to get married while in the UK. 
How to register a birth in the UK ? Information for expatriates on what they will need to do to register a newborn in the UK.
Do you need to improve your English ? Find information on language training for expatriates. 




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